Our products


Margasa supplies complete lines to recycle any kind of textile by-products as:

- Cutting from the garment industry
- Yarn waste (hard waste) long and short fibre
- Selvedges
- Synthetic fibres waste
- Old clothes
- Non-wovens
- Etc.

The end product after recycling is fibre suitable to be used at the begining of the textile process to make yarn (open end or DREFF) or many kinds of non-wovens.

Margasa supplies non-woven lines to make mats by using the “Airlaying” system or web forming by placing the fibres on a rotary perforated drum with inner suction.

Our lines produce a web of fibres up to 2, 6 mts width and from 350 up to 2.500 gr/m2 (gsm).

This web is fed to a consolidating system, mechanic (by needle looms) or chemical (by ovens) to set the final linking of the fibres.

The end uses of the products made by this system are uncountable and every day are given new ones. So this methode is the fastest and the most profitable one to make this kind of felts.

Margasa supplies complete lines to clean dirty cottons from the spinning and ginning mills.

This vigorous cleaning process ridude machines with free beating elements and other with forced cleaning points. Such variety grants to the system high standards of quality and production.

The outcoming fibre is not damaged due to a very short process, howevevr the cleaning degree is almost total. Productions up tp 1.000 Kg/h (inlet).