Non-wovens. Airlay-Feltech

MARGASA produces and manufacture COMPLETE LINES FOR NON-WOVEN by random air laid system, it means the pneumatic Airlay machine. Forming the web by fibre deposition on a rotated perforated drum with internal suction.

Our lines are designed to produce felts up to 3 metres and weight from 350 g/m2 to 3.500 g/m2. Later on, the web will consolidate by mechanical systems (needle pounching) or by chemical systems by temperature (thermobonding ovens).

The end uses of nonwovens produced by this Airlay systems are countless. As building, automotive and matress sectors, and all kind of insulating non-wovens. Every day bloom a lot of applications, because that non-wovens are fastest and most profitable in producing.

According to the configuration of the machinery, the production can reach 3.000 Kg/h