Avant Card 1000/1500

Rag Tearing machines

Machine especially designed for fine opening of material processed by a Rag Tearing machine. Thanks to its system, threads that have not been opened previously are opened gently, obtaining the maximum possible fibre length.

The new AVANT-CARD technology improves the quality of the recycled fibre, which, due to being longer, makes it possible to manufacture finer yarns or mix in less reinforcement fibre to obtain the same thread.

The advantages in spinning are:

  • Saving on reinforcement fibre
  • Reducing losses during carding
  • Improved durability of the carding machine’s wire
  • Use of poorer quality raw materials to make the same thread.

AVANT-CARD can be installed at the end of the recycling line or in the spinning preparation, before carding. In the latter case, in addition to its great opening power, AVANT-CARD mixes the different fibres more accurately, ensuring a more even distribution.

Production up to 300 kg/h.

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