Non-woven. Air Lay

We produce complete lines for non-woven manufacturing using the pneumatic system with randomised arrangement of fibres.

At MARGASA we manufacture COMPLETE NON-WOVEN LINES for the production of needled or thermobonded felts using the “Airlay” system or web forming by arranging fibres on a perforated revolving drum with internal suction. Our lines are able to produce webs of fibres up to 3 m wide weighing from 350 up to 3,500 g/m2. This web is fed to the consolidation system, which can be mechanical (using needles) or chemical (in ovens) to set the fibres.

Productions that rely on the configuration of the machine and the type of felt, capable of reaching over 3,000 kg/h.

  1. Fiber Blending lines
  2. Hopper with Silo – ABC
  3. MCM fine opener
  4. Dynamic condenser
  5. CNA self-regulating Hopper feeder
  6. Feltech Airlay
  7. Resin dispenser
  8. Delivery conveyor with weighing function
  9. Trim cutter
  10. Rotatory Filter
  11. Pneumatic transport